Family - $700

Includes all those who reside full-time at the same residence.  Proof of residency may be requested.

One Person - $490

One individual, 18 years old or older.

Two Person - $560

One owner, 18 years old or older, and one other individual who both reside at the same residence full-time.

Three Person - $630

One owner, 18 years old or older, and two other individuals who all reside at the same residence full-time.

Empty Nest - $475

Requires a minimum of 15 years of ownership at the Calverton Swim Club.  One owner plus may include one other individual who both reside at the same residence full-time.

Inactive - $150

For memberships that are requesting to take a year “off” and freeze their membership.  After the fee is paid, the membership is considered to be in “good standing” for the season. The owner(s) can attend General Membership Meetings at the Club as well as vote in any elections.

To keep a membership current and in good standing, annual dues are to be paid each year.  The dues amounts are set each year by the Board of Directors.  There is a $75 late fee assessed after the due date. The Membership Committee can assist with payment plan requests or questions.

MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION:  Please contact us at cscmembership@calvertonswimclub.com for more questions or if you’d like paper forms to join our Club.

All new memberships will pay a Joining Fee of $250 (if purchased from the Club) to become Owners at the Club.  Annual Dues are to be paid every year.  The Joining Fee is a one-time only payment. Owners should notify the Membership Committee if they wish to sell their membership. Please refer to the Club Bylaws for more information about Member expectations.

Excerpt from Bylaws
Section 4. Definition of Membership Unit – All persons who permanently reside in the family residence with the owner(s) or lessee(s) shall constitute a membership unit. Proof of residency may be required, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, for any person listed as part of the membership unit.
    B. A member shall pay all dues and assessments promptly in accordance with the terms of a notice provided to the members by the Club. Failure to pay any dues or assessments shall be grounds for suspension or revocation in accordance with Section 9 of this article.
  ii. Failure to pay annual dues on or before the date of pool opening will automatically cause membership privileges to be suspended until such dues and any late fee are paid.

Nanny:  An employee of a family who does not reside at their residence.  The Nanny can bring family members on the account to the pool but is not able to independently use the Club without them present.  This is an add-on to any regular membership (not a membership on its own).

Associate:  An adult, unmarried child of an owner.  This is an add-on to any regular membership (not a membership on its own).

Military Discount: For active duty military with ID, there will be a $50 discount on annual dues.

Guest Passes will be purchased on-line and credited to your Member Splash Portal.  All guests, age 1 and up, are required to pay a $10 fee to use the Club.  Guest fees are not refunded for bad weather.

Previously purchased paper guest passes are accepted at the desk and do not have an expiration date.

Welcome! For more information about becoming a member at Calverton Swim Club, complete our easy online application. Our Membership Committee will be happy to assist you.