Guest Privileges

A member who brings a guest to the Club must purchase a Guest Credit through the member portal using a credit or debit card. Each guest credit will cost $10 and will be valid for any day of the week. Paper guest passes that are retained from prior years may be redeemed for guest credit at the front desk. Each pass will be valid for one Guest Credit.

Guests may only enter and remain at the Club when accompanied by a member.

Except as noted below, a family member over age 15 must always accompany guests.

To allow a member’s child to enter the facility with a babysitter who is not a member, a child under age 15 may bring one guest aged 15 or older to the Club. This exception is not intended to apply to any other circumstance.

Each family is limited to eight (8) guests at a time, unless pre-approved by the Manager. Please check the Private Parties page for more information.

There are no refunds for guest credits or passes once they are used to admit a guest.

While at the Club, sponsoring members are responsible for their guests and for the actions of their guests, including any damage caused by the guests. Members are urged to review the Club’s rules with guests prior to coming to the Club.

Guests must leave the facility when the member leaves unless another member is willing to sponsor the guest. In that case, both members must visit the front desk to confirm this change.

Guest Fees and Procedures

Guest fees apply to all non-members over age 1 that are brought to the Club by members, including adults who accompany member children to the Club for any purpose. Members must purchase Guest Credit for each guest they wish to sponsor to enter the Club. Guest Credits should be purchased in advance through the member portal, but they may also be purchased at the Club via credit or debit card. We are not able to take payments by check, either at the front desk or by using the member portal.

Guest Fees

Guest Credit prices may be increased in the case of special events at the Club. These situations will be announced in advance. Once purchased, a record of Guest Credits will be available through the member’s account on the member portal.

It is strongly preferred that the front desk will be a cashless operation, but cash will be accepted from patrons who do not have a credit card.

To facilitate entry to the Club, please complete pre-purchased Guest Credit information before coming to the Club.