Top Rules for the Safety and Enjoyment

of Members and Guests

General Activity

  • No glass containers of any kind are permitted on the club grounds.
  • The authority of the lifeguards and other members of the pool must be respected.
  • No fighting, rough housing, or horseplay is permitted on club grounds.
  • No bullying at any time. Profanity and abusive language are prohibited.
  • Children under age 8 and children under age 15 without a patch, must be supervised by a person aged 15 or over.
  • Alcohol consumption, smoking, and vaping are permitted only in designated areas. The possession or consumption of cannabis in any form is prohibited on Club property.
  • Members are responsible for ensuring their guests understand and follow the rules.

On and Around the Deck

  • No running on the deck.
  • No food or drink other than water in clear plastic containers is permitted anywhere on the deck.
  • Only participants are permitted in the pool areas during lessons and team practices when the pool is not open for general use. Non-participants may observe the activity from the designated observation areas unless otherwise authorized by the Instructor, Swim Team Rep or Coach.

In and Around the Water

  • Obey no diving signs on the side of the pool.
  • No flips, spins, back dives, or cannonballs off the side of the pool.
  • Non-swimmers may not be in the water deeper than chest level unless supervised by an adult within arm’s length.
  • Proper swim attire is required for everyone entering the water.
  • Children with swim patches are not allowed in the baby pool.
  • Toys that are safe and generally suitable for use in water are permitted in the baby pool and wading well of the main pool. Toys that float are preferred. Balls and water guns are NOT PERMITTED.