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Volunteer Days – 2011 – May 14, 15, and 21

 Here is the outline of what is planned for the three Volunteer Days at Calverton Swimming Club for 2011, plus a couple of other projects.  We hope you will be able to give us a few hours to make your club as good as it can be for the coming season.  If you can help with any of the items listed below, please send us an e-mail (, or call the Club at 301-572-4203.

 Why should you help?  A couple of reasons – first there’s nothing like a little ‘sweat equity’ to make you really feel like you are an owner of the Club – because you are, you know.  You really feel like an owner when you can point to the spot where you raised a blister or left behind a chunk of skin.  Second, your help means we don’t have to hire someone to do the work, and that means we can keep your dues as low as we can.  Finally, some food will be served.  We cannot promise gourmet, but it will sure taste good after a few hours of manual labor.

 What’s going to happen, and when?  

On April 17 (1PM until 5PM), Duncan Munro, Brian Munro, and Shaj Jagtiani will take on some power tools to replace boards on several picnic tables and “no back” benches.  A couple of extra hands would always be welcome.

During the first couple of weeks in May, Frank Cockrell and Ruben Melendez will work on renewing the stripes on the side parking lot, repairing the lights in the front retaining wall, and adding warning signs to the top of the retaining wall. The exact dates of these projects are still being worked on.

 Also, a pretty big project that has not yet been scheduled is to empty the shed, evaluate all of the contents, dispose of items that are not usable, and replace the good stuff in some sort of order.  Dan Feher and some of the guards will need to be involved in this task.  Who knows what treasures will be found in the back corners?

 May 14 – Volunteer Day One – 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM - the focus today will be on cleaning.  We plan to pressure clean all of the picnic tables, lounges, the volleyball pavilion, the ship, the front sidewalk and entry area, and almost anything else that holds still long enough.  We have three pressure washers already available to us, and we need one or two more.  If you have one that you can loan, or even better, one that you can bring and use, please let us know.

 Also on May 14, we will be working on cleaning the office and bath rooms, and picking up leaves and debris.  We’ll need some leaf rakes and brooms, as well as hands and arms to operate them.  We will also relocate two of the large picnic tables from the deck to the snack bar area, and John Niedermair will get started on repairing (replacing straps on) lounges and chairs.

 May 15 – noon until 5PM – we’ll continue with the activities from May 14 that were not completed, and dispose of all the old ashes from the picnic grills.  Frank Cockrell will need some help improving the drainage channel along the side of the snack bar picnic tables.  Ruben Melendez will be working on clearing sand from the water fountain drains, and he can use some help replacing some damaged siding near the snack bar.

 May 21 – 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM – this is also the day of the community yard sale in the front parking lot.  Today’s focus will be on brushes and rollers.  The plan is to stain all of the picnic tables and the volleyball pavilion; paint the portion of the front fence close to the Baptist Church; repaint the front bicycle rack; and take care of some rehab work on the horseshoe pit lighting system.

 This sounds like a pretty full and ambitious schedule, and it is; but, it is also necessary to get the Club in shape for the coming season.  So, we need as much able bodied assistance as we can gather.  You don’t need to show up every day, but, if you can give all or part of one day, that would be a great help.  We will appreciate any help you can provide, and if we know that you are coming in advance, it will greatly help with the planning.

 Thank you in advance, and come on, Summertime!

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