Established 1965



Updated 3-10-2018     

How does a person get Membership information or a Tour of the Calverton Swim Club?


Call 301-572-4203 or send email to .


How does a person get a Lifetime Membership to the Calverton Swim Club?


Memberships are purchased directly from the Calverton Swim Club, or can be purchased directly from a current member.


What is a Lifetime Membership?


Lifetime Memberships are equal partners in the Calverton Swimming Club .  


What is the price of a Lifetime Membership ?


Currently, there are Lifetime Memberships available. Contact for current price.


Are there yearly fees?


YES.    For current Members:


$460 for Family Lifetime Membership Dues paid or postmarked by April 25, 2018

$525 for Family Lifetime Membership Dues paid or postmarked by May 16, 2018

$600 for Family Lifetime Membership Dues paid on or after May 17, 2018

$395 for Two-Person Lifetime Memberships paid or postmarked by May 16, 2018

$335 for Empty Nest Membership Dues paid or postmarked by April 11, 2018

$350 for One-Person Lifetime Membership Dues paid or postmarked by May 16, 2018

Dues paid May 17, 2018 or later incur a $75 late fee

               CSC now accepting Dues payment online via PayPal

Prospective Members should contact the Membership committee...


Can a family get a Membership for one season, and what is the price?


YES.  Single Season Family Membership is avaiable for $575.


Is there a One Person One Season Membership?


YES.   One Person One Season Membership is available for $365.


What is an Empty Nest Membership ?  


An Empty Nest Membership is a discounted membership.

Here are the rules to apply for an Empty Nest Membership (as of 2018 Season):

    Maximum of 2 names on membership

    Fifteen year requirement – At least one owner on the membership must have been a member

          for a minimum of 15 years.

    The second name on the membership (other than the owner) may be any age.

    If the owner(s) transfers the membership to another family member,

          the years of longevity begin again (at the time of transfer).

    All Empty Nest Dues must be postmarked by April 11 to receive the discounted amount.  

    After the postmark date of April 11, members will be offered alternative membership types

         (i.e. One Person, Two Person, etc.).


What is an Associate Membership?


Associate membership is available to adult, unmarried children of regular members in good standing, when those children no longer live in the same residence as the regular member.  Associate members are required to pay annual dues as established by the Board of Directors, but are not required to pay initiation or application fees.  An Associate member may hold Club office.  An Associate member does not have a separate vote in matters before the Club membership, but may cast the vote of the Regular Membership Unit.

The Associate Membership fee is $175.

Membership Information

Calverton Swimming Club
12615 Galway Drive
Silver Spring, Maryland  20904

PO Box 171
Beltsville, MD 20704-0171