Established 1965


from 2017 MEMBER HANDBOOK - page 12


A member who brings a guest to the pool accepts responsibility for the actions of the guest. Members must pay for guests to enter. The appropriate fee for that day must be paid for every guest age one (1) or over. Payment will not be accepted from a guest.


Guests may only enter and remain at the Club when accompanied by a member.

Except as noted below, a family member over age 15 must accompany guests at all times.

In order to allow a member’s child to enter the facility with a baby sitter who is not a member, a child under age 15 may bring one guest age 15 or older to the Club. This exception is not intended to apply to any other circumstance.

Each family is limited to eight (8) guests at a time, unless pre-approved by the Manager.


Guest fees apply to all non-members over age 1 that are brought to the Club by members, including adults who accompany member children to the Club for any purpose.

Members must purchase a Guest Pass for each guest they wish to sponsor to enter the Club. The pass must be completed and signed by the sponsoring member, and surrendered by the member at the entrance to the Club when the guest enters (with the sponsoring member). The Guest Pass will be kept as a record of the guest’s visit.

Guest Fees

Weekdays: $6.00 (or one guest pass) per person. Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays: $8.00 (or two guest passes) per person. Special Event Days – Memorial Day (May 29), Independence Day (July 4) and Labor Day (September 4) – $10.00 per any guest over age 1 – Cash or check only - Guest passes not valid.

Sheets of eight (8) Guest Passes are available for $30.00 each, allowing up to eight weekday visits (a $48.00 value), or four weekend/ho

Guests leaving the facility before the sponsoring members are requested to stop at the front desk on the way out so their departure can be recorded.

While at the Club, sponsoring members are responsible for their guests and for the actions of their guests, including any damage caused by the guests. Members are urged to review the Club’s rules with guests prior to coming to the Club.

Guests must leave the facility when the member leaves, unless another member is willing to sponsor the guest. In that case, both members must make arrangements at the front desk.

Guest Policies