Established 1965


Mission Statement

To ensure that all operational elements of the Club function in a manner that is cooperative and complementary, and that the Club itself functions in a similar manner in relations with its neighbors, community and relative government agencies.  To plan and execute programs to ensure that all facilities of the Club function at the highest possible state of readiness and efficiency throughout the operating season.

Chair:        John Niedermair

Members:  Ruben Melendez
                  Nancy Femiano
                  Sandy Albright
                  Kelly Jones-Ferriera

                  Jeff Karns

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The Operations and Engineering Committee will be conducting its annual `walkabout' of the Club's facilities in September.  This is the first step in planning for off season projects, repairs, and additions.  In order to make our work more effective and relevant, we need to hear your thoughts and ideas.

What kind of ideas do we want to hear?  Pretty much any idea that deals with the Operation of the Club (rules, operating hours, activities, etc.), or deals with the facilities of the Club (does it need to be replaced, repaired, cleaned or painted, or should something be added) are fair game.  Don't be limited by anything but your imagination.

While you are thinking of ideas, please don't forget Volunteer Day.  We'd also like very much to know what sort of things you can help us accomplish.  Volunteer labor adds a lot to members `sweat equity' in the Club, and saves everyone from increased dues.

 Here are three ways you can share your thoughts with us.

1.      Send an e-mail to  We promise you that we will read it, and give it full consideration.

2.      Drop a note into the Board of Directors mail box in the front office (right in front of the cash register).

3.      Have a chat with a member of the Operations / Engineering Committee.  To make this more convenient, several members of the Committee will `hang around' after the General Membership meeting on September 5 to hear any comments that members have to make.

We can't promise that every idea will be adopted.  We can promise that every idea will be considered, and we'll give an answer to anyone who makes a suggestion, even if it is an explanation of why the idea cannot be implemented.

Thank you,

The Members of the Operations and Engineering Committee

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