Established 1965


Board of Directors Page

The Board of Directors manage the Calverton Swimming Club.

They are elected by the general membership.

The Board of Directors organizes itself as President, Vice President, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer,

Secretary, Assistant Secretary, and committee participation.

Photos of the Board of Directors for 2017

Primary responsibilities include:
Facilities: operation, maintenance, improvements, Projects

Finances: Budget, Income, & Expense

Membership: Sales & Dues collection

Communication with general membership

Management of Life Guards and personnel
Conduct Elections to the Board of Directors

Conduct General Membership Meetings

Board Members conduct and are responsible for the following committees.
Engineering & Operations Committee
Membership Committee
Fund Raising Committee
Social Committee
Swim Team & Dive Team Liaison
Volleyball Liaison

See the CSC By-Laws for the specific responsibilities of the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors Meetings are open to all Members

Messages to Members from Board of Directors

March 2017 Newsletter
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Election of Members to Board of Directors -
Announcement - Candidates - Results

Nomination Form & Responsibilities - available at the Pool Office , 2105 Sample

Board Compensation Policy

Staff Bonus Policy